Country Garden

The dream of a country garden is an enduring one - who wouldn't want a soft heaven of tumbling flowers and verdant lawn to dwell in. Even if you aren't lucky enough to have an idyllic cottage or farmhouse there are ways of getting the look, even within small city gardens. Whether you want effortless drifts of perennials in herbaceous borders or manicured topiary, let us show you how to transform your garden into a place of beauty and delight...

Contemporary Spaces

Contemporary gardens have hard landscaping at their core. We’re talking about all the big bits here like patios, pathways, walls and raised beds, all being enhanced with strategic and subtle lighting. It’s these key features that form the very bones of the garden. 

Modern styling places emphasis on crafting an organized space and respecting unadorned materials creating the potential to create a setting which feels not only friendly and inviting, but also personalized and artful.

Classic Gardens

Classic Gardens are manicured, clipped, controlled, tidy. If pushed to name specific elements we expect to find in such a garden, we would all probably list topiary, fountains and pools, statuary and pots, pergolas, expanses of lawn and stone and, when pushed further still, we would imagine these elements arranged in a formal, generally symmetrical way. All of these can in fact be traced, in one way or another, back to ancient Roman gardens, and our use of them today is only the latest in a long line of interpreting a look that could be more correctly described as Classical.

Garden Upgrades

If your fence needs replacing, the hedges are unruly, your patio has seen better days, the drainage in the lower field is misbehaving or the dog (or kids) have destroyed your lawn, we are on hand for those smaller jobs that need doing. 

Upgrades include:

  • Patios, Paving & Steps

  • Fencing & Gates

  • Block Paving & Driveways

  • Walls & Rendering

  • Raised beds

  • Water features & Swimming pools

  • Bespoke outdoor furniture

  • Drainage